Praise for the series:

“Matthew McCleery has cemented his place as the John Grisham of ship finance fiction” – Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor

“It is very hard to marry entertainment with education – especially in the world of finance and shipping, but McCleery succeeds spectacularly in doing so.” – Mohnish Pabrai, Managing Partner, Pabrai Investment Funds

“Author Matt McCleery has clearly set out to unveil the mysterious workings of the industry, showing how shipping markets work and how investments are funded. And as president of Marine Money International and managing director of ship-finance consultancy firm Blue Sea International, he certainly knows what he is talking about.” – Steve Matthews, Lloyd’s List

Praise for Viking Raid:

Viking Raid is a gripping novel about the shipping travails of Robert Fairchild and their surprise ending. Seamlessly woven into the plot are keen insights into the arcane worlds of Wall Street and Marine Transport plus an insider’s colorful descriptions of both industries’ favorite executive watering holes. Shipping experts especially will enjoy deciphering the real life characters on whom the author based Norwegian tanker spot market speculator Coco Jacobsen, London banker Alistair Gooding, Greek wheeler-dealer Spyrolaki and the other fascinating personas who populate this tale. This book is a must read and a quick read! In view of the author’s second resounding success, his readers will cry out for yet another book to complete the trilogy. I hope that Matthew will create one. – Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., Chairman & CEO, W.L. Ross & Co.

“The novel has so many lavish and realistic descriptions of different shipping hubs it was easy to imagine being right next to Fairchild in his journey around the world.” Tom Nork,

“McCleery has written another hilarious take on a hedge funder’s immersion into the very real economy of the international shipowners. Viking tycoons, Greek Magnates, London bankers and brokers all conspire to teach the artless hero some hard lessons about the world’s second oldest profession. You can’t make this stuff up, and given the author’s extensive shipping experience he probably hasn’t.” – Customer Review,

Praise for The Shipping Man:

“Bloomberg Businessweek reported that everyone on Wall Street has read it this year, and they’ve apparently all gone out and either bought cargo ships or, if they already had cargo ships, they hired McCleery to sell them.” Matt Levine, Bloomberg View

“I really enjoyed Matt’s book. It captures the people, places and deals that make the shipping industry so great.” – John Fredriksen, Chairman, Frontline Limited

“I feel I have been to Coco Jacobsen’s offices in Aker Brygge several times.” – Tor Olav Trøim, Vice President and Director, Seadrill

The Shipping Man is exciting, well-written and the best guide to our industry I have ever seen. Monday it becomes mandatory reading for all our business associates.” – George Gourdomichalis, G. Brothers

The Shipping Man is really well written, absorbing and fun, and just very well done. I couldn’t put it down. The book is also an excellent introduction to ship finance and one that I will use to train people.” – Richard Hurowitz, Octavian Advisors

“The Shipping Man brought home the game of Shipping in spades. I am still laughing about the picture McCleery has painted as it matches a lot of my own experiences. I am 72 and seen a lot of games, too.” – Seymour Schulich, O.C.

“I resembled Robert Fairchild during my New York incarnation. The book is just phenomenal and had me splitting my sides at various points. I’ve already ordered copies for all my shipping friends.” Guy Spier, Aquamarine Capital Management

“It’s a quick read, it’s interesting, and it teaches a lot about ship financing and high yield financing. There’s also an “investing” benefit to the book…I promise you that if you read it you’ll have begun to put shipping into your circle of competence. I also promise you that after reading this you’ll set the bar pretty dang high for investing in a shipping company.”

“While I feel like I know a lot more about shipping after reading The Shipping Man, this is where my shipping education starts and not where it ends.” – Shane Parrish, My Investing Notebook

“A gripping, hilarious novel about a hedge fund manager who buys a decrepit dry bulk carrier at what he thought was 1x EBITDA. Also a crash course on the shipping business.” –

“The novel feels almost autobiographical with a whiff of that was nearly me.” – Craig Jallal, Shipping Research and Finance

“In his wonderfully comic novel, Marine Money’s Matt McCleery describes the escapades of a private equity investor who sets sail on the high seas of shipping. From New York to Oslo to Hamburg to Piraeus, the picaresque tale touches on all the right locales and all the right players, and in the process the reader gets a complete and painless education in the esoteric world of ship finance. Best of all, the book captures the romance and glamour of shipping and why it has appealed to so many for so long. It’s a hymn to the marriage of private equity and shipping – a combination that’s hard to beat.” – Jack O’Connell, The Maritime Executive

“Entertaining story of an investor obsessed with becoming a shipowner.” – Alexander Grødeland, Solvang ASA

“Read The Shipping Man if you want some excitement, mystery and adventure. Read it if you want to learn a few shipping essentials. Read it if you are a newbie or salty veteran alike.” – Caroline Knight, Vessels Value Limited

“Part lighthearted satire and part instruction on how to be successful in the world’s second oldest profession, the book explores a variety of issues from U.S. Coast Guard inspections to maintenance and repair, efficient vessel operations, piracy, war risk, insurance, charter requirements and the variables of ship finance.” – Stas Magaronis, Rebuild the United States

“A treasure chest of insight into ship financing and high-stakes wheeling and dealing.” – Roger Weston, author

“The Shipping Man eschews more traditional formulae of merchant shipping novels by concentrating on the dichotomy between money and ships, comparing and contrasting the shipping industry with the investment banking industry…The publishers are to be congratulated for having the imagination and moxy to give flight to McCleery’s novelistic fancy.” – Sam Ignarski, The Wavy Line

“It is an evening read with a single malt at one’s side…it talks about things each and every one of us knows or has experienced in our lives daily.” – John AC Cartner, Lloyd’s List

“Anyone who wants a quick introduction to the shipping business and the financial pitfalls involved can get just that from this book, while also being treated to an interesting plot.” – Clemens Scholl, Seeking Alpha

“I got my crash course in shipping finance through Maritime Economics by Martin Stopford and, more entertainingly, through The Shipping Man by Matt McCleery.” Lars Petter Blikom, Det Norske Veritas

“I don’t remember ever reading a book with as much accurate insight into our industry – which, combined with humor and pathos, made it very enjoyable.” – C. Seán Day, Teekay Corporation

“Why would someone risk millions to own ships? Well, for the sober, textbook answer, you could try Martin Stopford’s Maritime Economics but for an explanation involving ‘shipowner’s punch’ and Jägermeister, The Shipping Man, a novel by Matthew McCleery, fits the bill nicely.”Fairplay

“Set at the intersection of finance and the high seas The Shipping Man is essential reading for anyone with shipping stocks in their portfolio but, for the rest of us, it’s simply a great read.” – Forbes

“When I read this book I see my life in it. I see the ship agent, the shipowner, the Coast Guard inspector. I really loved the book. I have probably spent $1,000 buying copies and distributing them as gifts to Coast Guard people captains, agents, and people in the industry.” – Bill Nickson, Transmarine Navigation

“A perfect primer for those who want a peek into mysterious world of international shipping – Norwegian tycoons, Greek magnates, Chinese traders and German bankers. McCleery takes us on the comedic journey of a New York investor who finds himself ill-prepared for the realities of the world’s second oldest profession.” – Customer Review,

“I feel like I now know a lot about a very intense and fascinating business. An excellent and productive read.” – Ed Renehan, New Street Communications

“For us who are in this industry it reminds us why we love it so much.” – Hans Laue, President, Jan Gisholt Shipping

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