Wilbur Ross on Viking Raid: “Readers will cry out for yet another book”

Viking Raid already has billionaire investor and CEO Wilbur Ross hungry for even more adventures from Robert Fairchild.

The real life shipping dynasty sent Marine Money this personal email lauding the Shipping Man sequel:

Viking Raid is a gripping novel about the shipping travails of Robert Fairchild and their surprise ending. It begins where Matthew McCleery’s first book, The Shipping Man, left off, but you can enjoy this one without having read its predecessor. Seamlessly woven into the plot are keen insights into the arcane worlds of Wall Street and Marine Transport plus an insider’s colorful descriptions of both industries’ favorite executive watering holes. Shipping experts especially will enjoy deciphering the real life characters on whom the author based Norwegian tanker spot market speculator Coco Jacobsen, London banker Alistair Gooding, Greek wheeler-dealer Spyrolaki and the other fascinating personas who populate this tale. This book is a must read and a quick read! In view of the author’s second resounding success, his readers will cry out for yet another book to complete the trilogy. I hope that Matthew will create one.

Marine Money thanks Mr. Ross for taking the time to share these compliments on the book and invites all Viking Raid readers to share their thoughts with us as well.


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