Shipping Book Club

Shipping analyst Craig Jallal recommends “The Shipping Man” in a shortlist of industry book picks.

Shipping Research and Finance

Anybody interested in a shipping book club? Below is a list of books I have read recently that have the commercial realities of shipping at their core. I learnt something new about shipping from each of these books, and each is worth a space on your Kindle. I still chortle to myself when I remember Matt McCleery’s description of a kids soccer game in “The Shipping Man”. The novel feels almost autobiographical with a whiff of that was nearly me.

Shipping Book Club List

John Guy is famous for his long walks, but I don’t think his “The Reluctant Pirate” is an explanation for one of his absences. It does ring true to life, and in his position as PR may have brought him close to some of the City types in the book.

One man I would like to meet, if a little warily, is Max Hardberger (that is his real name). Today…

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